Welcome to the birding festival of the north

About HanseBird

Since its beginnings in 2010 HanseBird aims for people to get involved with nature and raise awareness for its protection. The birding festival brings together birdwatchers, photographers, travellers and nature-loving people who share the passion of being outdoors, observing wildlife and take care of their environment. Each year HanseBird attracts about 2.000 visitors.

HanseBird is organized and hosted by NABU, one of the biggest environmental NGOs in Germany with over 700.000 members and supporters. NABU is known and widely appreciated for its practical approach in environmental protection all over Germany, with sub groups working in almost every part of the country.

At HanseBird the list of exhibitors usually ranges from producers of optical equipment, cameras and lenses to travel agencies, national parks, NGOs, publishers, artists and many more. Visitors can test and compare the latest equipment, get in touch with like-minded folks, join in guided walks, workshops and photography contests, listen to audiovisual presentations and more. Main sponsor ZEISS offers a free check-up for binoculars. Young birders can discover nature with NABU or go treasure hunting.

Its unique location on the island of Kaltehofe within Hamburg's Elbe River adds to the special atmosphere of HanseBird: Close to the heart of the city with Hamburg Central Station only two stops away, visitors can experience a mix of open green areas, woodlands, water bodies and a distinctive historic architecture of the surrounding museum of Hamburg water supply.