Nature in the heart of Hamburg

The fairground

Only two stops away from Hamburg Central Station the island of Kaltehofe already makes you feel like you have left behind all the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated on the premises of Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe, a historic site that used to supply the City of Hamburg with water and nowadays a museum, HanseBird comes with a unique mix of remarkable architecture and natural environment. With the Elbe River nearby the area is popular with birds and other wildlife.

44 breeding species of birds have been recorded on the island. Next to a wide range of singing birds there are good chances to spot different waterfowls like common shelduck, cormorant, little grebe or great crested grebe. Grey herons sitting on top of the historic valve houses make great subjects for photographers. Migrating birds regularly use the island and its surroundings for stopovers. Also waders are attracted by the mud flats of the nearby nature reserve Holzhafen.